Monday, February 28, 2011

Cuzzins bar and grill, Mount Snow Resort, VT

I was not going to write a post about ski resort food, but these sandwiches were such mouth-watering yummy-goodness!!  (I'm running out of words, you get the idea).

After a morning of exhausting happy powder boarding, we ended up at Cuzzins bar and grill for lunch to meet up with the rest of the group.  What a nice spot!  The restaurant is situated at the bottom of the slopes with big windows, so you can basically have lunch with a view.  Check out the picture from our table.

cuzzins, awesome chill spot

For those of you that will actually make it up there, Cuzzins does not open until 11am.  And guess what?  11am is the best time to get a table since most of the crowds are still hard at work on the slopes.  We had a hard time getting a table on the first day, therefore we decided to do early lunch on day 2.  It was definitely a smart choice!  The menu consists of American cuisine with some twists, and they all look delicious.  For those of you that love a beer or two, they have a wide selection of beer and wine at the bar!

I had the BBB sandwich, I forgot all the details, but it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!  The fries were awesome too!  I finished everything on this plate in no time.

bbb sandwich

My partner in crime ordered the beef sandwich of some sort, I don't remember the name but it was yummy as well.  We split half and half and finished the whole thing plus a bowl of yummy clam chowder!  Then it was time to burn off the 2000 calories from lunch.  In captain's words, "It's time to rumble!!"

beef sandwich

Cuzzins Bar and Grill
Mount Snow Resort
39 Mount Snow Road
West Dover, Vermont 05356

Chip's family restaurant, Orange CT

Homeward bound!

On the way back from northern states, we stopped by this Chip's family restaurant in Orange, CT.  I can't remember how it started because I was sleeping and all of a sudden I hear 'there's Chip's!!'.  And there we were at the 'best pancakes in Connecticut'!

Chip's family restaurant

best restaurant in CT 2009!

Sure enough, the place lived up to its name.  The pancakes were so fluffy and cooked golden brown on the outside, just perfect.  It definitely made my top 5 pancakes list!  I ordered the 2x2x2 since that's what everyone else was ordering and I was too lazy to think for myself.  Hey, I figured any time you can get 2 of everything, it's got to be good!  Since we missed breakfast that morning, this stop definitely made up for it.  There are many specialty pancakes, I meant to order the German apple pancakes but missed the chance and got regular butter milk pancakes instead.  The regular pancakes were definitely good, if I'm in the area next time I'll make sure I order the special pancakes!  One of the special pancake was called 'sausage and apple pancakes', mm...i wonder what that would taste like.  Sweet & salty goodness?

Here's my 2x2x2, nothing special here, over-easy eggs, delicious breakfast sausages, crisp bacon strips:

2x2x2, the breakfast sausages were delicious!

My fluffy buttermilk pancakes!  Yes I finished all of them with boysenberry syrup!

fluffy buttermilk pancakes

Here's what our friend ordered: White Chocolate Rendezvous & Fresh Strawberries, she absolutely loved it.  Claimed it was well worth the 'best pancakes' title!

White Chocolate Rendezvous & Fresh Strawberries

Please excuse my not-so-great pictures.  It was our first food stop during the 10 hr car ride back home....and I was super sleepy.  I give mad props to our driver for taking us there and back!  Thank you!

Check out their menu here on their site:

Chips Family Restaurant
321 Boston Post Rd.
Orange, CT

Miller's Ale House Restaurant - Langhorne, PA

We took a road trip to go up north this past weekend.  On the way there, some people picked Miller's Ale House in PA for lunch.  It turned out to be a pleasant surprise!!  From the outside the restaurant looks just like any other American pub/restaurants.  The inside was spacious and they weren't very busy for lunch, so we had great service as well (not to mention a cute waiter...)

Miller's Ale House

I ordered the seafood clambake from the lunch menu.  It had mussels, clams, small lobster (it was small but succulent & sweet!), some snow crab legs (about 1.5 clusters), 2 small corn, and some red skin potatoes, all that for an amazing price of 16.99!!  We were all suspicious at the price so I was the only one ordering the clambake.  And guess what?  It turned out to be an abundant and delicious platter!  I still couldn't believe it was only $16.99, same clambake around this area would be at least in the upper 20s.  It was a steal and it was very yummy!

Miller's seafood clambake, $16.99

My husband ordered the shrimp scampi pasta, it's actually called the '35 shrimp scampi pasta'.  After the dish was delivered, we found out why....the pasta had 35 shrimps on it!!  How awesome is that?  Not only did the pasta taste great, there were a big pile of shrimp on it.  I believe the pasta was $12.95.

35 shrimp scampi pasta

Our check was just about a little over 30 dollars with 2 drinks, pretty good food for your money!  If you're heading up north on route 95, this is a place worth a visit :)

Miller's Ale House Restaurant
2250 E Lincoln Hwy
Langhorne, PA 19047

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spicy seafood noodle soup - Lotte Plaza

I was visiting the plaza on Wisteria Drive during lunch today, so I decided to stop by Lotte for a quick bite.  Lotte is a Korean chain grocery store that sells a lot of asian goodies.  It is comparable to Safeway or Giant in size and the amount of merchandise it carries.  On top of that, it also has a food court with 3 choices of food.  I usually pick the noodle place because they make their own noodles, you can see the workers putting flour sheets through the machine to make noodles right when you order!

I ordered the spicy seafood noodle soup as always.  This one is my favorite in the area because the noodles are fresh and very "Q".  There are a lot of 'filler vegetables' but I don't mind them since they taste so good after they soak up the spicy soup.  The onions taste the best with the garlic spicy soup!  There aren't too many seafood ingredients in the noodle, I found 1 shrimp, 1 mussel, and some miscellenous pieces of small scallope and squid.  But the noodles and broth are just excellent!  On a side note, Grandmart in Gaithersburg has some descent spicy seafood noodle soup, but in my opinion, Lotte food court has the best noodles in this category.

Here's my spicy noodle soup, also comes with 2 little korean dishes.  All for $7.38 after tax and no tip required (because it's food court styled).  Not bad right?  Just make sure you bring the dirty dishes back to the nice lady at the cashier after you're done eating :)

spicy seafood noodle soup with lots of veggies

free small dishes

Lotte Plaza
13069 Wisteria Drive
Germantown, MD 20874-2621

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dog post!

My first dog related post.  Since this blog is a journey through food AND love for dogs, looks like it's time for a DOG post!

I'm going to start with my favorite quote stolen from MW's fb page:
"DOG is GOD spelled backwards; they both love unconditionally, and they always forgive."

Here's the one that 'completes me', her happiness is my happiness.  Her name is jojo and her favorite thing to do is to steal food from the table and pee wherever she wants.  But she is still the love of my life besides the obvious one.

name: jojo, AKA jo, booger, 王球球 (when misbehaving)
breed: bichon
特長: 吃, 吃, 吃....did i mention 吃?
興趣: 吃....找東西出來吃, 打開行李箱吃東西, 吃西瓜不用削皮, etc.

who can say 'no' to this face??

Jojo's friends! (in no particular order)

name: Dash, AKA daaaaish
breed: laborador
特長: 檢球, disciplined walks, stay (這是特長?)
興趣: 吃, 檢球, 玩, 玩x1000

dash weng

name: Porkchop: AKA porky or porkchoppy.  This dog's favorite slogan is 'who's your daddy?'. 
breed: jack russel terrier
特長: 喜歡當老大
興趣: 看電視 (animal planet, golf), chasing squirrels, 玩

porkchop miao

name: benetton, AKA beno, benopy
breed: bichon
特長: 撒嬌, 扮公主 (yes i know beno is a he...)
興趣: 跟球球靠在一起撒嬌, 跟主人公撒嬌 (and it's working...!), 喜歡被人家用手餵食


name: chowbie, AKA chow-chow
breed: shih-tzu mix
特長: 看人臉色, 撒嬌 (yes 同上)
興趣: 玩你抓不到我的遊戲, 撒嬌, 躺在貓才能躺的沙發上....玩

chowbie hsu (credit VH)

name: binky, AKA bin-bin, princess
breed: toy red poodle
特長: 當公主..............裝泰迪熊(這張超像)
興趣: 跟哥哥打架, 當公主, 學哥哥, 玩

binky hsu (credit VH)

They're the best dogs!!  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

China Taste 吉祥樓 - Rockville MD

I went to Microcenter in Rockville to pickup a router for work during lunch.  Then I stopped by China Taste for takeout.  It has the best value and quality for lunch combo sushi in the area!!

I ordered the sushi combo of california roll & spicy tuna roll.  I couldn't even wait to get back to work before I started eating it.  So I finished the whole thing in the car *ashamed*, they're THAT good.

all this for $8.95 with a soup of your choice.  Take a look!  (notice there's only 11 pieces, I ate one piece already before I remembered to snatch a picture..)

sushi combo: california roll & spicy tuna roll

China Taste 吉祥樓
155 Rollins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852

Baking at home - cheese souffle trial #1

We finally had a relaxing day at home during the long weekend, so I decided to do one of the hard tasks that I've always wanted to try - bake a souffle.  Well, guess what?  It wasn't that hard at all!  And I think I got the 'cloud-like' texture in the finished product as well.  The only thing was, John didn't like the cheese flavor.  I need to make a 'taro-souffle' or a 'chocolate-souffle' next time!

All in all, it was somewhat successful.  Here's a picture of the finished product and the recipe I stole from another webpage.  I'll have to let you guys know how my 'taro-souffle' turn out next time :)

I used recipe from here: (2 egg souffle)

Finished product, note to myself, i need to fill the mixture to near top in order to have it rise up some more....

home-made cheese souffle, trial #1

Nordstrom Cafe - Montgomery Mall Nordstrom

It's been a while since my last post!  My 1 out of 3 readers has actually pinged me this morning and reminded me my last post was 2/16.  Fine, time to add another post.

Part of the reason I havn't posted anything in the last week is because we've been having the 'normal' routine food.  66, Tysons's buffet, 好客來, etc...  Other than that, I did eat out with a gf of mine last Friday at Montgomery Mall and found some pictures I took, so here it is!

We went shopping in Montgomery Mall last Friday (I know, it's pretty rare that I go shopping), and decided to stop by Norstrom Cafe because I was starving and I love the atmosphere there.  It's a casual eatery without the cheap feel and look.  First you order at the cashier just like any eatery, then you pick your own seats then the wait staff would take care of you and delivery the food right to your table!

I ordered the roasted salmon with vegetables because I rarely cook salmon at home since John doesn't like salmon.  My friend ordered the shrimp risotto with asparagus.  Both dishes turned out pretty good.  I was starving so I finished the whole plate including the vegetables.  So I felt like I had my fair share of vegetables for the day :)  Oh, almost forgot to mention, the free rolls were piping hot and tasty!  Make sure you request for these!  I forgot to take a picture because I ate mine too fast..

Here are the pictures of the dishes, if you're in the mall and don't want to eat at the noisy food court, it's a pretty good alternative and it won't break your wallet before you head for the shops!

Roasted Salmon with vegetables

Shrimp Risotto with asparagus

Norstrom Cafe - Montgomery Mall
7111 Democracy Boulevard
Bethesda, MD

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

red lobster, shady grove md

we decided to visit red lobster for dinner because we've been bombarded by the 2 for 29.99 seafood deal commercial. but guess what? we ended up ordering something not on the special deal menu. i can't help it when they make the other dishes look so good!

i have to start by saying, red lobster has some awesome free biscuits!  we munched on the fist basket of 4 while we waited, then after the salads came, i ordered another basket of 4!  good thing it's free refill :) make sure you get these when you dine 'cause thry're delicious.
for the main course, i ordered the wood grilled lobster, scallops, and shrimp trio, they are simply fresh and tasty!  the other dish we ordered was grilled shrimp and peppercorn sirloin, that was delicious as well.
i've always liked red lobster, especially after they started advertising the "wood grilled" dishes, the taste has improved even more!  if you havn't tried your neighborhood red lobster, be sure to pay them a visit!

free warm buttered biscuits
grilled shrimp & peppercorn steak

grilled lobster, scallops, and shrimp

red lobster

15700 shady grove rd
gaithersburg, md
(301) 840-0380

Sunday, February 13, 2011

matchbox - rockville

this place has been so crowded since opening a few months ago.  i was finally able to squeeze in reservation for 2 at noon this past saturday.  our overall experience was positive and maybe we will give it a try again in the patio area in spring?

we started with 2 cups of coffee then leisurely looked over the menu.  i have to mention that the coffee tasted great!  so good that i had 2 cups (free refill).

we decided to order the famous slider (mini burgers).  we ordered 9 burgers with all 3 different type of cheeses.  the burgers were really tasty and the buns were toasted to perfection.  my only recommendation will be skipping the expensive cheese and stick with the one that's only $1 extra if you want cheese.  all three types pretty much tasted the same since there were so little on each slider.

after we devoured all 9 sliders, we got the q type pizza which was marinated chicken and mozzeralla cheese.  this was just mediocre at best.  i dudn't even take a picture of it because it looked so ordinary when it arrived...

dessert was chocolate chip cookies with gelato, the coffee gelato was good but cookies were a tad too sweet.  i probably would pick something else next time.
all in all, it was a pleasant dining experience.  i would recommend the sliders if you havn't tried them, but wouldn't know what else to recommed yet. 
overall, the atmosphere is nice, service was attentive, and food was descent in my visit, so i give matchbox in rockville a 3.5/5 score.

where the 800+ degree brick oven sits


3.6.9 sliders - in this case we got 9

gelato chocolate chip cookie sandwich

Matchbox - Rockville

1699 rockville pike @ Congressional Plaza
rockville, md 20852

Friday, February 11, 2011

panera bread - kentland

got off work around 4pm today (actually late for me) so figured it was...happy hour time!  we tried to go to our usual spot but we couldnt get 2 seats there.  so...we ended up at panera bread in kentland, gaithersburg.

the thai chicken salad looked so good in the picture so i had to try it.  although im usually not the salad type, i really fell in love with this dish!!  im already thinking about getting take-out next week at work.  it's got the right amount of chicken, lettuce, nuts (sunflower seeds), peas, vinegar, mild spicy sauce, and a little bit of peanut sauce.  my favorite salad by far in the area!

of course i also had 1/2 chicken panini and a bowl of clam chowder on top of the salad....*ashamed*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


my review on recent movies:

twilight - eclipse: 2/5
2.5 stars for jake, -0.5 for edward, yuck

resident evil afterlife: 2/5
2 stars for the effects n

social network: 3/5
2 stars for content and 1 for being...well, facebook!

salt: 3.5/5
Angelina Jolie is hot, the story plot is old but got some twists in it.  Not bad overall!

李小龍 (story of bruce lee) 2.5/5
no comment, somewhat entertaining i guess?

唐山大地震 3/5
3 for effects & great actors. oh and the cute actress!

luv a glass of wine & chill movie night!
blackberry mojito & candle at dinner

whats for lunch?

instant noodles from kim sam. it is surprisingly good! it is made in usa so it comes with real meat packets with small chunks of beef.  although it is nothing compared to 滿漢大餐, it is pretty good considering the convenience & taste!

See the beef chunks?

Note: I usually put in 1/3 or 1/2 of the seasoning packet since instant noodles are made way too salty.  Just for reference!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

stayed tuned

making a new banner this week, stayed tuned.

current banner is a re-use from xanga, speaking of xanga, who's still using that? seems so last century!

jersey mikes sub - germantown, md

i ventured into jersey mikes for the first time today, and i was impressed!  i order the #13 italian cold cut combo, and it was fresh and delicious.  they cut the meat right when you order your sub, and theres this 'mike's way' for topping/seasoning.  it was simple and such a great idea! i've always hated goinng through on what to place on top/dressing your sub, so this idea is for sure brilliant. 

basically the 'mike's way' is 'onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices'.
now that's simple!

p.s. if the entry is lacking CAPs, its uploaded from my phone. now that's simple too!

Jersey Mike's Subs
21040 Frederick Rd # F
Germantown, MD 20876-4128
(301) 540-6777

test entry from my *smart* phone

blogger official app (google inc) has been released!  calling all bloggers on android, now is the time to blog & tap away!

did i give up the fact that i'm a die-hard android fan? luv those dumb looking droid bots!

Kabob Palace - Arlington, VA

Best Kabob I've had!  I have to warn you that the owner isn't the friendliest in town.  He actually reminded me of 'soup nazi' guy from Seinfeld, go figures.

We ordered the palace combo with 2 kinds of chicken kabobs, white meat chicken & bone-in chicken.  Also ordered spinach for the side.  It was pretty good!  The bread came out piping hot, which is always a plus for any restaurant.  Just make sure you pickup your order promptly when your number is called, or expect your number to be repeated on the intercom 3 more times during a 5 second duration by the owner, lol.

We also ordered the famous lamb karahi (for two).  This dish needs to be ordered 30 mins prior to arrival if possible (meaning otherwise you will wait for a long time).  I believe they will start preparing when you order, then they finish cooking it when you arrive.  The dish comes out extremely hot!!  I almost burnt my tongue because I couldn't wait to put a piece in my mouth!  The lamb karahi is super yummy *oily* but very tasty.  If you're a big fan of lamb & spicy food, you need to make sure you try this!  It is quit spicy, but that's the beauty of the dish!

Now, to top off the review, I must add that the place is open 24-7.  Now how good is that??

Kabob Palace
2333 S Eads St
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 486-3535

First post

Hi all, been wanting to start a blog since i watched the movie 'Julie & Julia'.  Sounds silly right?  I'm usually not the girly type but I loved that movie.  Maybe it's the fact that it's all about food.

Maybe I'll make a beef bourguignon one day, perhaps?

Stayed turned, I'm hoping to fill this blog with lots of food adventures and plenty of stories/pictures of doggies!

- amy