Monday, February 28, 2011

Chip's family restaurant, Orange CT

Homeward bound!

On the way back from northern states, we stopped by this Chip's family restaurant in Orange, CT.  I can't remember how it started because I was sleeping and all of a sudden I hear 'there's Chip's!!'.  And there we were at the 'best pancakes in Connecticut'!

Chip's family restaurant

best restaurant in CT 2009!

Sure enough, the place lived up to its name.  The pancakes were so fluffy and cooked golden brown on the outside, just perfect.  It definitely made my top 5 pancakes list!  I ordered the 2x2x2 since that's what everyone else was ordering and I was too lazy to think for myself.  Hey, I figured any time you can get 2 of everything, it's got to be good!  Since we missed breakfast that morning, this stop definitely made up for it.  There are many specialty pancakes, I meant to order the German apple pancakes but missed the chance and got regular butter milk pancakes instead.  The regular pancakes were definitely good, if I'm in the area next time I'll make sure I order the special pancakes!  One of the special pancake was called 'sausage and apple pancakes', mm...i wonder what that would taste like.  Sweet & salty goodness?

Here's my 2x2x2, nothing special here, over-easy eggs, delicious breakfast sausages, crisp bacon strips:

2x2x2, the breakfast sausages were delicious!

My fluffy buttermilk pancakes!  Yes I finished all of them with boysenberry syrup!

fluffy buttermilk pancakes

Here's what our friend ordered: White Chocolate Rendezvous & Fresh Strawberries, she absolutely loved it.  Claimed it was well worth the 'best pancakes' title!

White Chocolate Rendezvous & Fresh Strawberries

Please excuse my not-so-great pictures.  It was our first food stop during the 10 hr car ride back home....and I was super sleepy.  I give mad props to our driver for taking us there and back!  Thank you!

Check out their menu here on their site:

Chips Family Restaurant
321 Boston Post Rd.
Orange, CT

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