Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dog post!

My first dog related post.  Since this blog is a journey through food AND love for dogs, looks like it's time for a DOG post!

I'm going to start with my favorite quote stolen from MW's fb page:
"DOG is GOD spelled backwards; they both love unconditionally, and they always forgive."

Here's the one that 'completes me', her happiness is my happiness.  Her name is jojo and her favorite thing to do is to steal food from the table and pee wherever she wants.  But she is still the love of my life besides the obvious one.

name: jojo, AKA jo, booger, 王球球 (when misbehaving)
breed: bichon
特長: 吃, 吃, 吃....did i mention 吃?
興趣: 吃....找東西出來吃, 打開行李箱吃東西, 吃西瓜不用削皮, etc.

who can say 'no' to this face??

Jojo's friends! (in no particular order)

name: Dash, AKA daaaaish
breed: laborador
特長: 檢球, disciplined walks, stay (這是特長?)
興趣: 吃, 檢球, 玩, 玩x1000

dash weng

name: Porkchop: AKA porky or porkchoppy.  This dog's favorite slogan is 'who's your daddy?'. 
breed: jack russel terrier
特長: 喜歡當老大
興趣: 看電視 (animal planet, golf), chasing squirrels, 玩

porkchop miao

name: benetton, AKA beno, benopy
breed: bichon
特長: 撒嬌, 扮公主 (yes i know beno is a he...)
興趣: 跟球球靠在一起撒嬌, 跟主人公撒嬌 (and it's working...!), 喜歡被人家用手餵食


name: chowbie, AKA chow-chow
breed: shih-tzu mix
特長: 看人臉色, 撒嬌 (yes 同上)
興趣: 玩你抓不到我的遊戲, 撒嬌, 躺在貓才能躺的沙發上....玩

chowbie hsu (credit VH)

name: binky, AKA bin-bin, princess
breed: toy red poodle
特長: 當公主..............裝泰迪熊(這張超像)
興趣: 跟哥哥打架, 當公主, 學哥哥, 玩

binky hsu (credit VH)

They're the best dogs!!  


  1. Right on! You do know them pretty well!

  2. val, you're my #1 comment! thanks :)

  3. I couldn't stop laughing when reading this post! I am not sure you are talking about the same Beno I