Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kabob Palace - Arlington, VA

Best Kabob I've had!  I have to warn you that the owner isn't the friendliest in town.  He actually reminded me of 'soup nazi' guy from Seinfeld, go figures.

We ordered the palace combo with 2 kinds of chicken kabobs, white meat chicken & bone-in chicken.  Also ordered spinach for the side.  It was pretty good!  The bread came out piping hot, which is always a plus for any restaurant.  Just make sure you pickup your order promptly when your number is called, or expect your number to be repeated on the intercom 3 more times during a 5 second duration by the owner, lol.

We also ordered the famous lamb karahi (for two).  This dish needs to be ordered 30 mins prior to arrival if possible (meaning otherwise you will wait for a long time).  I believe they will start preparing when you order, then they finish cooking it when you arrive.  The dish comes out extremely hot!!  I almost burnt my tongue because I couldn't wait to put a piece in my mouth!  The lamb karahi is super yummy *oily* but very tasty.  If you're a big fan of lamb & spicy food, you need to make sure you try this!  It is quit spicy, but that's the beauty of the dish!

Now, to top off the review, I must add that the place is open 24-7.  Now how good is that??

Kabob Palace
2333 S Eads St
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 486-3535

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