Sunday, February 13, 2011

matchbox - rockville

this place has been so crowded since opening a few months ago.  i was finally able to squeeze in reservation for 2 at noon this past saturday.  our overall experience was positive and maybe we will give it a try again in the patio area in spring?

we started with 2 cups of coffee then leisurely looked over the menu.  i have to mention that the coffee tasted great!  so good that i had 2 cups (free refill).

we decided to order the famous slider (mini burgers).  we ordered 9 burgers with all 3 different type of cheeses.  the burgers were really tasty and the buns were toasted to perfection.  my only recommendation will be skipping the expensive cheese and stick with the one that's only $1 extra if you want cheese.  all three types pretty much tasted the same since there were so little on each slider.

after we devoured all 9 sliders, we got the q type pizza which was marinated chicken and mozzeralla cheese.  this was just mediocre at best.  i dudn't even take a picture of it because it looked so ordinary when it arrived...

dessert was chocolate chip cookies with gelato, the coffee gelato was good but cookies were a tad too sweet.  i probably would pick something else next time.
all in all, it was a pleasant dining experience.  i would recommend the sliders if you havn't tried them, but wouldn't know what else to recommed yet. 
overall, the atmosphere is nice, service was attentive, and food was descent in my visit, so i give matchbox in rockville a 3.5/5 score.

where the 800+ degree brick oven sits


3.6.9 sliders - in this case we got 9

gelato chocolate chip cookie sandwich

Matchbox - Rockville

1699 rockville pike @ Congressional Plaza
rockville, md 20852

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