Monday, February 28, 2011

Miller's Ale House Restaurant - Langhorne, PA

We took a road trip to go up north this past weekend.  On the way there, some people picked Miller's Ale House in PA for lunch.  It turned out to be a pleasant surprise!!  From the outside the restaurant looks just like any other American pub/restaurants.  The inside was spacious and they weren't very busy for lunch, so we had great service as well (not to mention a cute waiter...)

Miller's Ale House

I ordered the seafood clambake from the lunch menu.  It had mussels, clams, small lobster (it was small but succulent & sweet!), some snow crab legs (about 1.5 clusters), 2 small corn, and some red skin potatoes, all that for an amazing price of 16.99!!  We were all suspicious at the price so I was the only one ordering the clambake.  And guess what?  It turned out to be an abundant and delicious platter!  I still couldn't believe it was only $16.99, same clambake around this area would be at least in the upper 20s.  It was a steal and it was very yummy!

Miller's seafood clambake, $16.99

My husband ordered the shrimp scampi pasta, it's actually called the '35 shrimp scampi pasta'.  After the dish was delivered, we found out why....the pasta had 35 shrimps on it!!  How awesome is that?  Not only did the pasta taste great, there were a big pile of shrimp on it.  I believe the pasta was $12.95.

35 shrimp scampi pasta

Our check was just about a little over 30 dollars with 2 drinks, pretty good food for your money!  If you're heading up north on route 95, this is a place worth a visit :)

Miller's Ale House Restaurant
2250 E Lincoln Hwy
Langhorne, PA 19047

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