Wednesday, February 9, 2011


my review on recent movies:

twilight - eclipse: 2/5
2.5 stars for jake, -0.5 for edward, yuck

resident evil afterlife: 2/5
2 stars for the effects n

social network: 3/5
2 stars for content and 1 for being...well, facebook!

salt: 3.5/5
Angelina Jolie is hot, the story plot is old but got some twists in it.  Not bad overall!

李小龍 (story of bruce lee) 2.5/5
no comment, somewhat entertaining i guess?

唐山大地震 3/5
3 for effects & great actors. oh and the cute actress!

luv a glass of wine & chill movie night!
blackberry mojito & candle at dinner

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