Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nordstrom Cafe - Montgomery Mall Nordstrom

It's been a while since my last post!  My 1 out of 3 readers has actually pinged me this morning and reminded me my last post was 2/16.  Fine, time to add another post.

Part of the reason I havn't posted anything in the last week is because we've been having the 'normal' routine food.  66, Tysons's buffet, 好客來, etc...  Other than that, I did eat out with a gf of mine last Friday at Montgomery Mall and found some pictures I took, so here it is!

We went shopping in Montgomery Mall last Friday (I know, it's pretty rare that I go shopping), and decided to stop by Norstrom Cafe because I was starving and I love the atmosphere there.  It's a casual eatery without the cheap feel and look.  First you order at the cashier just like any eatery, then you pick your own seats then the wait staff would take care of you and delivery the food right to your table!

I ordered the roasted salmon with vegetables because I rarely cook salmon at home since John doesn't like salmon.  My friend ordered the shrimp risotto with asparagus.  Both dishes turned out pretty good.  I was starving so I finished the whole plate including the vegetables.  So I felt like I had my fair share of vegetables for the day :)  Oh, almost forgot to mention, the free rolls were piping hot and tasty!  Make sure you request for these!  I forgot to take a picture because I ate mine too fast..

Here are the pictures of the dishes, if you're in the mall and don't want to eat at the noisy food court, it's a pretty good alternative and it won't break your wallet before you head for the shops!

Roasted Salmon with vegetables

Shrimp Risotto with asparagus

Norstrom Cafe - Montgomery Mall
7111 Democracy Boulevard
Bethesda, MD

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