Friday, February 11, 2011

panera bread - kentland

got off work around 4pm today (actually late for me) so figured it was...happy hour time!  we tried to go to our usual spot but we couldnt get 2 seats there.  so...we ended up at panera bread in kentland, gaithersburg.

the thai chicken salad looked so good in the picture so i had to try it.  although im usually not the salad type, i really fell in love with this dish!!  im already thinking about getting take-out next week at work.  it's got the right amount of chicken, lettuce, nuts (sunflower seeds), peas, vinegar, mild spicy sauce, and a little bit of peanut sauce.  my favorite salad by far in the area!

of course i also had 1/2 chicken panini and a bowl of clam chowder on top of the salad....*ashamed*

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