Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spicy seafood noodle soup - Lotte Plaza

I was visiting the plaza on Wisteria Drive during lunch today, so I decided to stop by Lotte for a quick bite.  Lotte is a Korean chain grocery store that sells a lot of asian goodies.  It is comparable to Safeway or Giant in size and the amount of merchandise it carries.  On top of that, it also has a food court with 3 choices of food.  I usually pick the noodle place because they make their own noodles, you can see the workers putting flour sheets through the machine to make noodles right when you order!

I ordered the spicy seafood noodle soup as always.  This one is my favorite in the area because the noodles are fresh and very "Q".  There are a lot of 'filler vegetables' but I don't mind them since they taste so good after they soak up the spicy soup.  The onions taste the best with the garlic spicy soup!  There aren't too many seafood ingredients in the noodle, I found 1 shrimp, 1 mussel, and some miscellenous pieces of small scallope and squid.  But the noodles and broth are just excellent!  On a side note, Grandmart in Gaithersburg has some descent spicy seafood noodle soup, but in my opinion, Lotte food court has the best noodles in this category.

Here's my spicy noodle soup, also comes with 2 little korean dishes.  All for $7.38 after tax and no tip required (because it's food court styled).  Not bad right?  Just make sure you bring the dirty dishes back to the nice lady at the cashier after you're done eating :)

spicy seafood noodle soup with lots of veggies

free small dishes

Lotte Plaza
13069 Wisteria Drive
Germantown, MD 20874-2621

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