Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BLT steak house, D.C.

I came across a blog entry about BLT steak house last week and added it to my top to-eat list.  Since my birthday was coming up in a few days, I was on the fence deciding whether or not we should go to BLT steak house since it is very expensive.  A few days later, I found that BLT steak house was having their annual 3.03 birthday celebration and they held special prices for most of their entrees, drinks, sides, and even desserts!  I made our reservation for dinner as soon as I found out about the special pricing!

We arrived around 7:20pm for our 7:30pm reservation.  It was not difficult to find street side parking but we didn't have enough coins (make sure you carry lots of quarters).  It was also difficult to find place to get change, so we ended up moving the car to a machined street side parking that took credit cards.

They had special prices on so many things!  They even had special menus made up just for the day.  Sorry for all the dark pictures, I was hungry and too lazy to adjust the camera settings.  And the restaurant was dark.  But I absolutely LOVED everything we ordered!  Including the prices of course!  A bone-in rib eye steak is usually $44 dollars on their menu but on 3/3 of every year (BLT restaurant birthday) it only costs 33.04 (representing 3/3/2004)! 

we were part of BLT's birthday bash!

elegant interior

So the waiter took our orders and the complimentary bread arrived, it was a few slices of bread with amazing spread.  The spread tasted like it contained a little bit of foie gras plus some other spices.  It was so delicious!

complimentary bread & delicious bread spread

Almost forgot to mention there are 2 special cocktail drinks that are only 3.03 as well!  Of course we ordered 1 of each, then I proceeded to order one more after I finished the first one.  So 3 cocktails for less than 10 bucks!  Regular price is about $14-15 each.  Here's one of the drink special.
the sparkling sunset cocktail

Then the waiter came back with these two huge complimentary pop-over cheese bread!  These were absolutely piping hot goodness.  The butter that came with it was good as well, but I didn't even need to use it.  I was about full even before the main course and side items come!

complimentary pop-over cheese bread

The steaks were delivered to our table on sizzling hot staubs dishes.  We ordered one bone-in rib eye steak and one new york strip steak.  Both cooked medium rare and both were perfect.  Excuse the half eaten steak picture since I was so excited I started eating immediately...  sooo yummy!  I transferred my piece of steak from cast iron staub dish to my plate after I checked it.  If you want your steak to cook a little more, you can always leave the steak in the staub dish which was still piping hot.  There were also plenty of steak sauces to choose from.  We chose one peppercorn steak sauce and one regular steak sauce.  They were both good but I didn't even use the sauce on my steak because the steak was charred to perfection.

new york strip steak

bone-in rib eye steak

We also splurged and ordered 4 sides.  The sides are usually $9-$14 dollars but they were all just a merely $3.03 on that day!  So of course we ordered more than we could chew, and ended up taking some home with us.  I even used some of it for home-cooked breakfast the next day!  We ordered the stuffed mushroom caps, hen of woods mushrooms, jalapeno mashed potato, and brussel sprouts.  These all came in small staub cast iron dishes, very cute as well!

4 side dishes

Then it was dessert time!  The desserts were on special as well, only $3.03 each.  We ordered the crepe souffle and warm chocolate tart with pistachio ice cream.  They were both delicious and not overly sweet!  The crepe souffle had some sort of passion fruit sauce underneath and it was a bit tart and sweet at the same time.  The chocolate warm tart tasted more like dark chocolate which I enjoyed very much.

warm crepe souffle

warm chocolate tart with pistachio ice cream

With everything we ordered for the night, I calculated our saving to be about $100 dollars.  That's about half off the check, what a good deal!  I'm definitely coming back to BLT steak house next year on their birthday special event!

complimentary sweets

stacking up the savings!

BLT Steak
1625 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

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