Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers - easy and tasty lunch!

I went to Walmart to pick up a few things this past Monday, so I also picked up some 'frozen entrees' for lunch at work.  I picked up this healthy choice cafe steamers and it tastes pretty good!  The fact that food is separated from the sauces during the heating process makes it taste much more fresh (almost like freshly made entrees). 

The concept is great and cooking is very simple.  Just take out the paper carton piece, pop it in microwave (no puncture needed) and heat for ~4 mins.  After it's fully heated, remove the strainer with the food and dump it into the bottom container with the sauce.  Mix it up and you have a fresh healthy lunch!  The meals contain no preservatives, good source of protein and fiber, and really tastes fresh compared to other frozen entrees!

Best part is, only $2.75 from Walmart.  If you need 2 for lunch you're still pretty square with $5.50!

21 flavors available

dump food from top strainer portion into bottom container

simply mix it together and your lunch entree is ready!

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