Monday, March 21, 2011

Hook, Georgetown Washington DC

Last Friday, we've had our first day of summer (yes we skipped spring for some reason). It was about mid 70s outside all day, almost made me want to turn on the AC!  We decided to meet up at Georgetown for lunch since it was nice out and I bought a groupon for the restaurant Hook.

It was so crowded in Georgetown!  I had the lunch reservation for 12:15pm but it took me 30 minutes to find parking.  Even after I found parking, the meter was broken so I had to search for a machine that actually worked.  Then waited in line to pay parking tickets.  But the time I was set it was way past my reservation.  Luckily the restaurant was not busy at all.  I was kind of hesitant at first since the place was almost empty, but the food turned out to be pretty good!  Oh and I got to mention that I love the lights in this place, very pretty!

This is the complimentary bread, it was just okay, nothing too impressive here.

Then we ordered this appetizer without knowing what the word 'crudo' means.  Apparently, it means 'raw fish dish dressed with olive oil and spices'.  It was actually pretty nasty with fishy taste.....I had to wash it down with the soup.....Needless to say, we did not finish this...

Soup was pretty good!  This was the cauliflower soup, yummy.

I ordered the Cioppino based on my friend's recommendation.  We both loved this dish!  My husband usually dislikes tomato based dishes but he enjoyed this one.  I especially enjoyed it since it was a little bit spicy :)  The dish consists of a spicy tomato base with king crab, bay scallops, clams, and laughing bird prawns.  Loved it!

We also ordered the jumbo lump crab cake sandwich.  A word of warning, if you're looking for jumbo lumps of crab meat, you're going to be disappointed.  Other than that, the sandwich tasted pretty good and the fries on the size were delicious.

Overall, I'd give it 4/5 stars.  The place is a tad pricey though, so if you can get a deal or groupon, it's a nice place to try!

3241 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

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