Monday, March 7, 2011

Sabai Sabai Simply Thai, Germantown MD

I was craving for spicy food today so I decided to get Thai food carryout.  Sabai Sabai is a fairly new thai restaurant that opened in Germantown.  I ordered 1 of the 4 lunch special sets called kra pow chicken with fried egg.  The lunch set also comes with a cucumber soup for free, so it was a good deal for 10.95 (after tax).  I called ahead for the order and the dish was ready when I got there, the only annoyance was parking.  It was hard to find street parking around noon time!  But picking up this spicy Thai dish definitely satisfied my craving for spicy food for today.

Kra pow is made from minced chicken (or you can choose pork) stir fried with basil, various spices, and a lot of hot peppers.  And having that fried egg on top definitely made it more delicious!  The egg yolk from the mixes very well with the spicy chicken and rice.  I'd definitely get this again for lunch!

kra pow chicken lunch set

Sabai Sabai Simply Thai
19847 M Century Blvd
Germantown, MD 20874

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