Monday, March 7, 2011

Tachibana Japanese Restaurant, McLean VA

On a sunny Friday, my husband and I decided to meet up at Tachibana Japanese Restaurant for lunch.  They have many lunch specials and bento boxes that are priced very reasonable!  But since the two of us are ramen lovers, we always order ramen when it's available on the menu...  But I definitely recommend the bento boxes for lunch if you're in the area, it's either 12.99 for regular salmon bento box or 16.99 for the deluxe version.  The salmon bento box is my favorite since it's cheaper and it has everything I like.  The bento comes with shrimp tempura, grilled salmon as center piece, 6 piece California rolls, chicken yakitori, and some marinated kelp plus a bowl of rice, very tasty!  I'll take a picture next time when I order.  I am not sure if these lunch specials are available on weekends as well, so make sure you give the place a try on weekdays!

We got to the restaurant around 11:40am, the restaurant was pretty empty.  By the time we finished, there was a long line waiting to get seated.  So definitely get there early on a weekday if you can!

The ramen orders comes with one small dish, we picked both the bean sprouts (marinated with vinegar and sauce) and seaweed salad which was $2 additional.

marinated bean sprouts

seaweed salad, $2 additional

There are only 2 types of ramen on the menu since it's not their specialty.  I ordered the salt flavor ramen and it was good!  I believe it was priced at $8.95.  It's not as good as the ramen shops in Bethesda, but since we wanted to meet near Arlington, it's a good alternative!

salt flavored ramen

We also ordered the soy sauce ramen, which seemed to be a healthier alternative since it was less salty.  On a side note, I really like the 'chia-shau' meat in the bowl!  They were very delicious!

soy sauce ramen

All in all, the ramen is descent in Tachibana.  I would definitely order again if I'm in the area.  My first choice is still 'Ren's Ramen' in Bethesda.  Unfortunately, 'Ren's Ramen' closed in Sept last year.  They need to re-open again!

Tachibana Japanese Restaurant
6715 Lowell Ave
McLean, VA 22101

(703) 847-1771


  1. Love this place! i like their dinner sets too.

  2. i havn't tried this place for dinner since much better deals for lunch. gotta try it sometime....good prices?