Monday, April 11, 2011

Baked & Wired, Georgetown DC

My favorite cafe in Georgetown DC!  Well that's not a very fair statement since I did not visit all the cafes in Georgetown.  But I absolutely love their coffee bar and interior decor.  I had my little pooch with me so we sat outside on my last two visits, and the spot turned out great for people watching! 

baked & wired, store front

cup cake display begins here!

We both ordered quiche since we're big fans.  The spinach quiche is slightly better than the bacon and ham for some unknown reason (I'm usually a big meat fan).  The quiche is warm and fluffy because the staff warm them up for you while you wait for your coffee. 

spinach quiche

bacon & ham quiche

I also ordered the latte and cappuccino.  Loved them both!  The coffee bar is unique and the bartender is always friendly.  I believe they use intelligentsia coffee as well which is a plus.  Take a look at the cute coffee art for both!



I'm usually not a big fan of cup cakes, but I like their cup cakes!  I bought a box for a friend for her birthday and had to get one cup cake for myself.  Look how pretty it is, this is a cherry blossom cup cake (seasonal).  It has little bits of real cherries baked in as well!

cherry blossom cup cake

Overall, baked & wired is a very nice and relaxing place to chill, have a good cup of coffee, surf the web (free wifi), or just meeting up with friends.  Or if you're tired from walking all the C/O canal trail or sightseeing, have a cup cake here!

FoodiePop's rating 4/5 stars for coffee & pastry/cup cake.

Baked & Wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
Washington, DC 20007


  1. Thanks again! :D We went back last Sun and I love their mocha!

  2. glad you liked it hon, see you girls Fri! :)