Thursday, April 21, 2011

RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria, Clumbia Heights, DC

On a sunny Sunday, we took our little dog and empty stomachs to a restaurant in Columbia Heights neighborhood for some patio brunch dining.  It was a gorgeous day and many restaurants in the area had outdoor dining.  We arrived around 11am and the wait was about 20 minutes, so we walked our dog around the neighborhood.  It was a little scary to walk in an unknown neighborhood so we tried to stay on main roads, even so, we quickly circled around and got back to the restaurant just in time for seating on their roomy patio.

patio seating @ RedRocks Pizzera

I read pretty good reviews on Yelp before we picked the restaurant, so I already knew what to order.  There were pictures of  'breakfast pizza' that I had to try since I never had a running egg on a pizza!  The pizza was pretty good, even though it lacked some meat on the topping.  Some bacon and sausage bits would be nice....!  I absolutely loved the pizza crest though, it had a rustic (brick oven) taste to it and it was the right thickness.

sunrise pizza, with egg and potato

He ordered some type of calzone.  It was good and ooozing with cheese, again, we should have added the sausages for $2.50 extra because it would have made it that much better and meatier!  The crust was the same as the pizza, so I loved it as well.


They also had the 'unlimited mimosa' for $8 which is awesome for brunch.  I bet I could sit there for hours and get OJ & champagne overdose!  Let me close this entry with my doggy's happy smiley face, I think she had a wonderful time brunching Sunday!

see the smiley face?

FoodiePop's rating for patio brunch: 3.8/5

RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria
1036 Park Rd NW
(between N New Hampshire Ave & N 11th St)
Washington, DC 20010

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