Monday, April 18, 2011

Thai Square, Arlington VA

Based on our friend's recommendation, we visited Thai Square last Friday for lunch.  The place was not hard to find, but if you get there around lunch rush hours, it might be hard to find parking.  The restaurant looks real shabby outside, but the inside probably has been re-renovated, so don't be scared.  Just look at the contrast of exterior vs. interior.

outside of restaurant

nice and clean interior

I had a list of recommend dishes but we were both in the mood for noodle soups..... so we both deviated from the plan.  We ended up ordering exactly what the table next to us had, one pork noodle soup and one floating market noodle soup.  We both ordered the 'fat noodles' which I loved! 

3 types of peppers on every table

pork noodle soup with fat noodles

The pork noodles soup was pretty average, tasted like 台南旦仔面's soup base.  The noodles were good though, 又Q又彈牙.  Make sure you order the fat noodles if you're going to order this.

floating market noodle soup

Floating market noodle soup, I definitely liked this one better since it had more meat and it was spicy as well.  This is one of the more authentic dish in Thailand I believe.  The version at Thai Square was slightly more sweet than spicy though.  If you like spicy dishes, give it a try.  Again, I do recommend the fat noodles with this dish.

We will probably head back to try the list of recommended dishes.  I'll put up more reviews if we do!

FoodiePop's rating: 3.7/5 (based on noodle soups)

Thai Square
3217 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

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