Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vegetable Garden, Rockville MD

I was browsing and saw a new merchant called 'vegetable garden' offering $25 certificate for $5, so I grabbed it with 80% off (paid $2 for $25 certificate).  Since we were going to Rockville Monday night, we stopped by Vegetable garden to use the certificate.  The minimum required spending was $35 on the requirement and each dish is about $13, so we ended up with 3 dishes and a soup.  Given the name, all the dishes are vegetarian in the restaurant. (I know, I know, not sure what I was thinking....)

The restaurant is not well decorated.  It looks like a traditional Chinese restaurant with round tables and booths, but the curtains are dark green and ....should I say, pretty ugly.  Anyway, the interior decor is definitely a 'fail', let's move onto the food.

They delivered a small plate of complimentary wheat bread when you arrive.  The bread is okay, reminds me 'elf bread' in LOR (lord of rings).  If you're curious, please refer to the movie.

complimentary bread

I ordered vegetarian wonton soup.  The soup itself was not bad, but there's no meat in the wonton (DUH..) so I didn't like it very much.  They used some interesting spices in the soup though, something different.

vegetarian wonton soup

We ordered 3 dishes.  Satay vegetables, tofu hot pot (三杯豆腐), and some mushroom dish.  The satay vegetables was a failure.  The whole dish tasted like vegetables stir fried in tomato paste.  The safest dish was the tofu hot pot because that tasted okay.  The mushroom dish was average, tasted like mushrooms stir fried with oyster sauce and soy sauce.....

satay vegetables

hot tofu pot

mushroom dish, oyster mushroom and ...other mushroom

As a meat eater, I really didn't like the dishes at Vegetable garden.  I admit this review is probably very biased.  But on the other hand, I do think the prices are too high for dishes with only vegetables or tofu and the decor was ...way below par. 

FoodiePop's rating 2.3/5 stars for dinner.

Vegetable Garden
11618 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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