Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Caspian Kabob, Germantown MD

I wondered over to the middlebrook rd area on weekday during lunch hour.  So I stopped at this kabob place for lunch.  It turned out to be pretty good for quick lunch and the price is reasonable as well.


I ordered the platter with ground chicken kabob.  It was quite tasty!  The kabob was a little sour though, I guess they used some lemon in the marinade?  The meal came with a side item, you can choose garden salad or the yogurt dressing.  I picked the salad since I'm not a big fan of yogurt dressing.  The rice was cooked very well and blended with the cheese for a wonderful aroma.  If you like long grain rice, you will probably like this dish!

ground chicken kabob

FoodiePop's rating: 3.8/5 for weekday quick lunch

Caspian Kabob
19911 Frederick Rd
Germantown, MD 20876

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