Friday, June 10, 2011

Labrasa, Rockville MD

Sometimes I look for different cuisines when I'm in adventurous mood.  After browsing on yelp for a bit, I found a Latin cuisine restaurant in Rockville that had awesome reviews.  So we stopped by Monday after work to give it a try.

bright and simple exterior

We're not experts in Latin food so I went with recommended dishes from yelp.  We ordered Carne Asada and Lomo Saltado because we both love beef!

carne asada, $9.50

lomo saltado, $9.50

I personally liked the carne asada better since it's grilled perfectly and had a charcoal grill taste to it.  The beef was very tender and juicy.  Lomo saltado was pretty special since the fries underneath soaked up a lot of meat juices and tasted good.  The rice was made with some herbs and lime, pretty refreshing as well. 

Overall, both dishes were pretty good.  If you're a Latin food fan, you'll probably love the place!

FoodiePop's rating for Latin cuisine: 3.6/5

LaBrasa Latin Cuisine
12401 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852

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