Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick recent movie reviews

It's been a while since I did movie reviews!

Here are my recent movies and their reviews, enjoy :)

R.E.D. - 2.8/5: Entertaining but story sucked.

Bounty Hunter - 1.8/5: The movie sucked.

Life as we know it - 3.5/5: Sweet story, even though predictable.

Knight and Day - 3.8/5: I thought I was going to hate the movie, but it's so corny that it actually made it very funny.

Love and other drugs - 4.2/5 LOVED IT.  Good story, makes you think, visually entertaining & it's JAKE, need I say more?

127 hrs - 3.7/5: I liked it.  One of those think movies, I thought I'd be bored but surprisingly not so.  I must admit I closed my eyes for the bloody gruesome parts though.

The Greatest Game Ever Played - 3.8/5:  True story made it that much better.  Amazing story!

Burlesque - 4.5/5: LOVED IT.  Christina Aguilera is mesmerizing.  Story is corny of course, but I'd watch it again for the singing, dancing, stunning choreography.  And did I mention she looks so hot in the movie?

X-men First Class - 3.8/5:  Entertaining since I've always liked the X men series.  A must watch for any X men fans.  There are many 'ah-ha!' moments in the movie.

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