Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pho-Hiep Hoa, Silver Spring MD

We went to the new theater in downtown Silver Spring last weekend for Transformer Imax 3D.  The Silver Spring theater turned out to be a great choice!  The theater was only about half full with very comfortable tilt back seats and plenty of leg room.  The movie was awesome with jaw-dropping CG effects!  We were starving after the movie , so we hopped on the ever-so-great smart phone and found a Vietnamese restaurant on the same block with 4 star rating.  So we decided to give it a try.

Our dining experience at 3pm in the afternoon was very pleasant!  The food was great, the price was reasonable, and the service courteous and prompt.  We ordered 2 main dishes and an appetizer.

We ordered the grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves.  It's basically ground beef stir fried with some onions and garlic, wrapped in grape leaves and steamed for a bit.  It was a delicious dish!

grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves

For main dish, we had to order a bowl of pho of course.  It's a must for Vietnamese restaurants.  Even though they don't stack meats up to the sky like Pho Nam does, the quality of meat, noodles, and the soup base were all very good.

#1 pho

For the second dish, we tried the imperial fried rice with grilled chicken.  It was very yummy!  I love their creativity with the 'edible bowl' that held the fried rice.  The fried rice had good flavor but not overly salty, and the grilled chicken had nice grill flavor.  I also added spring rolls for extra $3 and those were crispy and delicious as well.  Almost forgot to mention, it came with a fry egg on top.  Who doesn't love a fry egg with fried rice?

imperial fried rice with grilled chicken and fry egg

We will definitely try this place again when we're in the area.  They have a very extensive menu so there are many dishes I still want to try.  Maybe we'll visit again very very soon!

FoodiePop's rating for Vietnamese restaurant: 4.2/5

Pho-Hiep Hoa
921 Ellsworth Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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