Monday, July 25, 2011

Updated: Sushi-ko, Chevy Chase MD

New updates 10/13/11 **********

We re-visited sushiko again, this time sat outside with the pooch.  We scored another social living deals where we paid half price for $40 certificate, woohoo!

I ordered the lunch special again with seaweed salad (yummy!) and tempura, but I got the chicken teriyaki for main course this time.  It was delicious!  I especially loved how they used dark meat instead of white meat because white meat tends to be dry sometimes.

chicken teriyaki - lunch combo

He ordered the rib eye steak, it was cooked perfectly and seasoned well.  It came with some type of red wine sauce (Jap-fusion?) and 3 cute little side items (string beans, tomato, and potato).  We both loved the tomato side salad!  Needless to say, we cleaned both plates.

rib eye steak

I'm definitely going again when I score another half price deal from social sites! 

7/25/2011 ******************

My brother in law bought several certificates for the restaurant Sushiko to use in July.  So he gave me one, free of charge!  John and I decided to go check it out since Saturday was too hot to golf.  And we thoroughly enjoyed our experiences there!

Fair warning, ladies if you are going to visit Sushiko, lock your wallets at home because it's in the neighborhood of fancy stores (Gucci, Tiffany, Cartier, LV, etc...)  Did I just give you a reason to visit the restaurant?  Oops :)

The restaurant looks pretty fancy from outside and the interior was modern.  We were led to a booth overlooking the sushi bar. 


I ordered the lunch special which was awesome for its value.  It's a 20 dollar lunch set which includes salad or soup, appetizer, and main entree.  I picked seaweed salad, shrimp tempura for appetizer, and sushi combo for main entree.  Both the salad and appetizer were full portion sized!

seaweed salad, lunch set first dish

shrimp tempura, nice and crispy!

my sushi combo main entree

John ordered the sea bass entree, which was an absolutely five star dish according to him.  It was grilled to perfection and the flavor was just right.  Even the rice that came with the meal was cooked perfectly!  This was a bit more pricey, $20 for the entree.  But definitely worth it if you ask him.

grilled sea bass entree

We also ordered 2 hand rolls, they were just mediocre.  I would say steer away from these.

Our total check was $54, given the amount of certificate, we only ended up paying $4 then plus tip.  Much thanks to my sister and brother in law for the certificate!

FoodiePop's rating: 4.5/5 for lunch set value & grilled fish entree

5455 Wisconsin Ave
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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