Monday, January 9, 2012

China Bistro/Mama's Dumplings, Rockville MD

****** Updated 1/9/2012 ******

Visited China bistro again and stomach was full and happy!  Just to keep in mind before you head over there, they're now super busy on weekends for lunch and there was even a 30 min wait for the people that arrived after us this past Saturday!

We ordered some new dishes this time, including two small appetizers that are both delicious and cheap!  I ordered the marinated peanuts 五香花生 and 芥蘭根 seasoned broccoli stem.  They were $1.95 and $2.95 respectively.

marinated peanuts

seasoned broccoli stem

He ordered the Noodles with soybean paste. I loved it! The noodles were of course hand-made and the seasoning was good and abundant. I couldn't get enough of this,....therefore I claim the noodle to be the best in the Rockville area! (personal opinion of course...)
noodles with soy bean paste

****** Original review 8/16/2011 ******

China Bistro has delicious dumplings!  This is by far our favorite place for dumplings and noodles.  They also have hand made noodles that are made fresh daily.  Their dumpling choices are superb, we even buy the frozen dumplings to stock our freezer sometimes!  This way, if we're craving mama's dumplings, we just need to boil a pot of water and cook them... 

Mama's dumplings

Needless to say, their signature dumpling is called 'mama's dumplings'.  The dumplings consist of chopped pork, shrimp, cabbage, and some herbs and spices.  It's always been my favorite!  There are about 10 other flavors as well of course, I would say we almost tried them all.

We usually get a couple orders of dumplings and one bowl of the hand made noodle.  Here's a picture of the  steaming hot dumplings!  I have to add that these dumplings are huge, finishing a plate is beyond my abilities and I can eat a lot for a girl :p

mama dumplings

This is their hand made combination noodles.  It has shrimps, pork slices, and vegetable in the soup.  This was pretty good as well.  Their chia-gian noodles is also what I considered the best in the area, give it a try!

combination noodles

I consider this place inexpensive (compare to other Chinese restaurants) and they always put out consistent quality noodles and dumplings.  It's an ideal quick grab on a busy day! 

FoodiePop's rating on dumplings:  4/5

China Bistro/Mama's dumplings
755 Hungerford Dr
Rockville, MD 20847

p.s.  The store exterior is under renovation but it remains open, don't be fooled by the construction!


  1. I love their beef noodle soup!

  2. not my personal favorite, but then again, i havn't ordered that for years..