Thursday, August 4, 2011

Red Lobster, Gaithersburg MD - revisited for crabfest

We've been bombarded with the crabfest commerical from red lobster for the last few weeks.  Of course they always advertise it's a 'limited time' deal, so we rushed in on a Monday before our routine Rockville trip to get a taste of crabfest at red lobster.

I've always had good impressions of red lobster because they have good service and the place is close to home.  This time, I had high expectations because their crabfest in commercial looked delicious and I have no resistance to shell fish!  I soon realized, advertisements can be a little misleading sometimes....just a little.

appetizer menu - pretty!

I've always loved their warm buttered complimentary biscuits.  I ate two of these before the salad showed up....  This batch was on the salty side but I still loved them!

complimentary warm buttered biscuits

The salad was pretty ordinary, but it also came free with the meal.  I finished the salad to make myself feel better on the high cholesterol meal about to come...

salad that came with my $19.99 meal

I ordered the 'snow crab & roasted garlic seafood bake', price was really good at just under $20.  The dish included 1 lb of snow crab legs paired with shrimp and scallops roasted in garlic and white wine.  Served with sweet corn on the cob and red potatoes.  The dish was actually delicious but of course the picture does not match the ones in the commercial.  I had false high hopes for some top quality snow crab clusters and these were just mediocre snow crab clusters that were on the small side.  Nonetheless, the crabs were succulent and the side items were delicious.

My 'snow crab & roasted garlic seafood bake'

same dish in the red lobster commercial -

He ordered the 'snow crab & crab butter shrimp' for $14.99.  It included 1/2 lb snow crab legs and skewer of wood grilled shrimp topped with crab meat in a creamy crab butter.  He wasn't thrilled about the wild rice pilaf, but other than that the meal was descent.  This dish actually had closer resemblance to the one advertised....

his 'snow crab & butter shrimp'

'snow crab & butter shrimp' in commercial,

Overall, the food was pretty good for the price.  Our dining bill was only about $37 for 2 crabfest dishes and we were satisfied with both.  The only complaint I had was the food in the commercial looked way too good to be true!  If you're going to try the crabfest dishes at red lobster, make sure you don't have unrealistic high hopes like me for dishes that are all under $20!

FoodiePop's rating on Crabfest:  3.8/5

Red Lobster
15700 Shady Grove Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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