Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coastal Flats, Tysons Corner VA

My sister picked Coastal Flats in Tysons Corner for my little niece's 6th birthday.  I've been to Coastal Flats several times already, but this is my first chance to write a review.

Coastal Flats is located in the new expansion in Tysons corner mall, near Barns & Noble book store.  The place is decorated very nicely.

Coastal Flats

I love their complimentary bread basket!  I especially love the little fried donuts.  They're always fresh and piping hot too when they come out.

complimentary bread basket

This was the best entree out of all of ours.  It was the kid's meal my sister ordered for the birthday girl.  Fried fish tenders with mashed cauliflower (yes, you heard it right).  The mashed cauliflower was a big hit amongst the adults as well!

half eaten kid's meal

I ordered a corn chowder, it was okay but a bit salty toward the end.  I think I'll skip the soup next time.

corn chowder

I also ordered a chopped house salad since I was not very hungry.  The salad was not worth mentioning.  Here's his 'drunken rib eye'.  It was good but a bit over cooked.

drunken (or blacked??) rib eye

Here's my sister's dish, she ordered rack of ribs.  These were also just okay.  We just had better juicy-fall-off-the-bone ribs at outback a week ago.

ribs & fries

Overall, the service was good but all the meats were cooked a little too well for our liking.  The rack of rib was a little dry because of the cook time as well.  The kid's meal was actually the best entree out of all of our dishes!  They were super creative on the mash cauliflower and I wanted to order one for myself.  On the other hand, the ambiance was great and service very friendly, I guess that made up for the food a little bit...

FoodiePop's rating: 3.2/5

Coastal Flats
7860-L Tysons Corner Ctr
Mclean, VA 22102

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