Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fu Shing Cafe, Gaithersburg MD

We wanted something good and fast on Sat for lunch, so we visited Fu Shing Cafe for their weekend Taiwanese dim sum.  They have all the Taiwanese dim sum ready in the hot bar, and you go through the line cafeteria style to pick up what you like.

We weren't very hungry so we ended up picking 5-6 dishes, totalling around $20 for 2 people.  Not bad at all! 

bean curd & broccoli cold appetizer

duck neck & parts (鴨什錦) - my favorite!!

The bean curd cold dish was so-so, but the duck neck & parts dish was my absolutely favorite.  There are some duck organs and duck neck marinated together, so if you're not big on organs, you probably need to stay away from this.  But I absolutely love the flavor!  A little bit spicy too I might add...

turnip cake

pan fried meat buns (生煎包)

pan-fried dumplings (鍋貼)

marinated fried tofu (油豆腐)

Out of all the main dishes, the marinated fried tofu and pan-fried dumplings were my absolute favorite.  All these dishes were under $5 or $4 dollars, so you get to try many little dishes without breaking the bank.  The beauty of their weekend dim sum is it's super fast, you pickup cafeteria style, pay and you're ready to eat!

FoodiePop's rating on weekend dim sum: 3.8/5

***** update *****  Fu Shing Cafe Gaithersburg has closed its doors in 11/2011
Fu Shing Cafe
576 N Frederick Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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