Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oriental East, Silver Spring MD

We haven't had Cantonese dim sum for a while (maybe couple of months already)?  So in order to flush the thought out of my system, we visited the famous (and super busy) dim sum spot in Silver Spring called Oriental East.  We arrived around 12pm and the place was packed.  There were also many people waiting to get seats both inside and outside the restaurant.  I got a number and was told the wait was about 20 minutes.  After about 35 minutes, we were finally seated.

The food was descent but not overly impressive for the wait.  The staff was way too busy and careless for the most part.  We had to wave down a waiter to get water and tea for the meal after waiting around for a good 5-8 minutes.  Also, the food was not coming at a good steady stream due the fact the restaurant was super busy and they always push the dim sum cart from one direction.  Most of the time the food ran out before it got to us.  We still got what we wanted and the dishes were all pretty good, but I felt like finishing a battle when we were finally done with lunch.  In short, we arrived at 12pm and finished lunch around 2pm, most of the time waiting for food to come around in a cart.  If you're in a hurry, this is definitely a place to avoid on weekends!

On the other hand, all the dim sum dishes were tasty, so enjoy the pictures!

韭菜餃 (vegetable dumpling with shrimp)

蝦餃 shrimp dumplings

牛百頁 beef tripe

蘿菠糕 turnip cake

鳳爪 chicken feet

排骨 pork ribs

糯米飯 sticky rice

魚翅餃 fish fin dumpling (not made with fish fin)

燒賣 Shao mai pork dumplings

蛋塔 egg tart

FoodiePop's rating for dim sum: 3.5/5  (non-existent service and too crowded caused -0.5)

Oriental East Restaurant
1290 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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