Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cava, Rockville MD - revisited

A girl friend and I wanted to hang out and have good eats for lunch, so we came back to Cava again!  Apparently they weren't really busy for lunch and we got a table right away upon arrival.  Totally different from the night scene here where you have to wait for hours for a spot!

special lunch menu

bar area

We quickly placed our drink orders and both decided on the crab cake sliders lunch special for $11.  We chatted for a while and were surprised that they didn't serve bread basket right away.  So we asked the waitress and she brought them with the meal.  I love their pita bread basket!  The red tomato sauce for dipping was amazing, got a little kick to it but not too spicy.

pita bread basket

tomato dipping, olive oil, olives

Then we got our crab sliders!  The crab cakes were small but had great flavor and not too much filling.  Just enough sauce and veggies on butter toasted bun.  These are the best crab sliders I've had in a while!  The fries were good too, I think I finished everything on this plate!

crab slider lunch special, $11

We will definitely be back for their lunch specials again!  Maybe I'll even be brave and pick something else off the special menu....!

FoodiePop's rating for lunch: 4/5

Cava Restaurant
9713 Traville Gateway Drive
Rockville, MD 20850


  1. We need to figure out what that shrimp dish we saw is....

  2. its okay i'm sure our crab cake sandwiches were better :)