Saturday, March 17, 2012

*Updated* Lumpia, Pansit, Atbp, Gaithersburg MD

Since we had a pleasant take-out experience from Lumpia Pansit last time, we visited the place again for their famous lunch buffet.  Even thought it's a small restaurant, they had a pretty descent selection of entrees for lunch buffet!  I didn't have high hopes going in since the place is so small, but my stomach and I were pleasantly surprised :)

They had about 8 Filipino entrees on the hot bar, I don't remember all of them but some of the good dishes were: chicken curry, ox tail stew, and sweet sour pork.  They also had some dishes on the left side that consisted of usual fried rice, lo mien noodles, Lumpia beef spring rolls (my favorite), and a type of fresh vegetable rolls with bamboo shoots.  They had a sauce station also where you can pick various sauces.  On top of that, they had 2 types of soups! On the dessert side, they had a small dessert tray with 2-3 types of desserts, including a hot coconut milk flavored sweet soup with taro and rice balls.  I didn't get to take pictures of the buffet because I was busy filling up my plate, here's a sample plate!

buffet plate #2

chicken soup

Overall, I enjoyed their lunch buffet, the hubby?... not so much since he is not into Filipino food as much.  I think he mostly ate the lo mien noodles and chicken soup for the most part....

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This post is strictly about my carry-out experience from Lumpia Pansit, the Filipino restaurant located just off Muddy Branch road in Gaithersburg.  My friend asked me about this place so I wanted to give it a try.  It's only 5 mins around the corner from me anyway!

Lumpia pork appetizer (egg rolls)

I ordered the Lumpia pork appetizer because I love the Filipino style egg rolls.  This did not disappoint.  I like the crispness and the dipping sauce as well.

Pansit Palabok

Palabok is a very traditional Filipino dish.  It is a noodle dish with bright orange colored shrimp flavor and usually topped with cooked eggs and shrimp.  This dish had good flavors but they used the thick noodles which I was not a big fan of.  I believe the traditional Palabok are usually made with thin rice noodles and it is also more flavorful that way.  As far as portion goes, the carry-out portion looked small but it seemed enough for one.

curry chicken over rice

This was our 'safe dish'- curry chicken over rice.  I actually liked this a lot better than Palabok because it had good mild curry flavor and both the peppers and chicken were cooked just right.  I can't speak for authenticity because I'm not sure what Filipino curry is supposed to taste like, but it was definitely a safe dish that paid off.

Overall, we might visit the restaurant again for their lunch buffets since it seems to be a good value ($12.95?) and you get to sample a wider variety of Filipino food.  I'll definitely put up an update when we do!

FoodiePop's rating for Filipino carry-out food: 3.7/5 (adjusted according to buffet experience)

Lumpia, Pansit, Atbp
213 Muddy Branch Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878


  1. Ben and I have been there for lunch. Not too many selections but I LOVED their rice dish!!!