Monday, October 31, 2011

Silver Fountain, Silver Spring MD

For 2 consecutive weekends, we visited Silver Fountain for Cantonese dim sum.  Yes, two consecutive weekends because I haven't had good quality dim sum from this area for so long!  I went with a friend the first weekend, he arrived around 11:15am and there was a sizable wait already.  We got a table around 11:45am for two and ate for two hours (okay we talked a lot too)!  On the second week, I brought the hubby and arrived around 11am to avoid the wait, we got right in!

The place has been completely renovated from 4-5 years ago.  It's the first of my visit in the recent years and we all loved the place!

Roomy and nicely decorated interior

First thing we noticed immediately, the service at Silver Fountain was about 10x better than Oriental East.  Oriental East had what we called non-existent service because they were so busy and the waiters and waitresses all had an attitude.  At Silver Fountain, within 5 mins of sitting down, 3 serving staff asked if somebody already ordered tea for us!  I was very happy because we had literally nothing to drink/eat for the first 8-10 mins at Oriental East couple weeks ago. 

We quickly ordered the usual chrysanthemum tea and the carts came rolling!  These were what we ordered from the second visit (forgot to bring camera on the first visit).  The dishes were all piping hot and delicious.  My favorite dish was the 鮮竹捲 (ground meat rolls wrapped with bean curd skin), it's the best one I've had in the area!  I must add that their 腸粉 (chow fen wrapped with different stuffing) are all delicious as well, we ordered 2 varieties on the first visit but didn't take pictures.  They have a 腸粉 specialty carts and serves it fresh as well.

鮮竹捲 (ground meat rolls wrapped with bean curd skin)

蘿菠餻 (turnip cake)

蝦餃 (steamed shrimp dumpling)

燒賣 (pork dumpling)

小排骨 (spare pork ribs)

鳳爪 (chicken feet)

牛百頁 (beef tripes)

牛肉丸 (beef meatballs)

魚翅餃 (meat and shrimp dumpling, no shark fins..)

韭菜餃 (Chinese chives and pork dumplings)

In conclusion, this will be our go-to place for Cantonese dim sum from now on.  Definitely not going to Oriental East again if we have a choice.  Silver Fountain had much better serving staff and they had better flow with the dim sum carts as well.  It was about every few minutes a dim sum cart would roll past our table.  You won't go hungry like you would in other dim sum joints!

FoodiePop's rating fro Cantonese dim sum: 4.2/5

Silver Fountain
13533 Connecticut Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20906


  1. Didn't you get some dim sum last time when you were back? Go to this place when you come back next time.

    Or better yet, get some good dim sum in LA! :)

  2. The food looks so scrumptious. I haven't had good quality cantonese dim sum in a long time, too. Would like to use your pics and reviews in our new Foodie site: