Monday, November 14, 2011

Arirang, Rockville MD

We had lunch with a couple of friends this past Saturday and they mentioned Arirang.  Then I couldn't stop thinking about Korean food!  So after church on Sunday, we drove to Arirang on East Gude Drive.

The interior decor is clean and traditional.  The tables are set fairly apart that you don't feel overly crowded.  There's a bar area that faces directly to the door where you're greeted with smiling waitresses while they prepare the small complimentary dishes.

unique wallpaper in Korean language

pleasant interior

nice picture menu

I love their picture menus!  It made it that much easier to order (also that much more enticing to order everything....)  We ordered three entrees.  One for each of us and another bulgogi dish to share.  Bulgogi was the first to arrive on sizzling hot iron platter!  And with it, came the complimentary small Korean dishes (can be refilled on request)

Here are the small dishes, they were all pretty good!

steamed broccoli with sesame oil

Korean stable - Kim chi

marinated/cooked egg plants

spicy white turnip, yum!

bean sprouts appetizer

cooked Korean potato, loved this one!


The bulgogi entree was average, didn't blow me away but didn't disappoint either.  It was just a good beef bulgogi dish.  An especially 'safe' dish to order in Korean restaurants!

cod fish and vegetable stew

rice for cod fish stew

This was my entree, I ordered the cod fish with vegetable stew.  I loved it, the price was a bit steep but there were big chunks of cod fish and some shrimp and mussels, along with my favorite vegetables like onions and squash.  The vegetables really soaked up the spicy broth and tasted good.

spicy seafood noodles

This was his entree, spicy seafood noodles.  The noodles itself was nothing special, definitely not hand-made like Lotte food court seafood noodles.  The broth was above average spicy but they stacked up with a lot of seafood and goodies.  We ended up taking some of this home because we couldn't finish.  This was actually the cheapest dish out of the three pricing at around 10 dollars.

Overall, Arirang is an above the average Korean restaurant in the area.  Of course the price is also above average, we paid about $46 for 3 entrees for lunch, yikes!  But I'd definitely come back again, the atmosphere is nice and I love their fresh small dishes.

FoodiePop's rating: 4.2/5
1326 E Gude Dr
Rockville, MD 20850

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