Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cafe Promenade, Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC

On a Sunday afternoon, me and the girls ventured out to Washington D.C.'s glorious Renaissance hotel for the famous Mayflower tea.  We arrived around 2:50pm but circled around a bit to find street parking.  The valet parking for the hotel cost $24 so we opted to park for free (thanks to our driver!).

We walked a few blocks to the renaissance hotel.  The hotel had beautiful lobby and deluxe accommodations, apparently, it is a luxury line under Marriot hotel group.  We quickly found the Cafe Promenade, a beautifully decorated restaurant with skylight and gorgeous chandelier as the center piece.

Cafe Promenade

We were led to a booth right under the skylight and the chandelier.  The booth was comfortable, and felt private from the entrance of the cafe.  We were quickly greeted by the waiter with the menu and the tea choices.  I opted for the chamomile and mint, it had wonderful flavors!  The table setting was very delicate and neat, and the china and tea sets were all gorgeous as well.  I must give them a lot of props on attention to detail, all the silverware and tea accessories were clean and spotless, and the table was laid out beautifully before we sat down.

Mayflower Tea selections

Table setting

My pot of tea

cream & lemon for tea

beautiful tea set

Then these adorable two tiered platters came.  We all had our individual platters filled with goodies.

tea snacks & sweets

As far as taste goes, I was not crazy about their tea sandwiches because the bread was mostly dry and the flavors were very ...distinct.  The desserts were mediocre at best and tasted store-bought.  The only remarkable item was probably the crab and egg sandwich and the mushroom sandwich was somewhat descent....

We chatted and had one pot of tea after another, it was a beautiful afternoon spent with good company.  As far as overall grade for the afternoon tea, I would give maybe 2.5 for the taste but +0.5 for the beautiful setting and decor/ambiance.  As far as visiting again?  Not sure about that since you can bring the good company anywhere and still have a good time :)

FoodiePop's rating on Afternoon Tea: 3/5

Cafe Promenade - Renaissance Hotel
1127 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington DC


  1. Good review! The food was not tasty but the room made up for it. :P

  2. ya definitely not impressed by the food, but the place was real pretty!