Monday, November 21, 2011

Niwana Hana, Rockville MD

I've been to Niwana Hana many times in the past years, it is not the most authentic Japanese restaurant but the location is convenient.  It is situated right in the middle of Rockville.  On a sunny Friday, a girl friend and I decided to visit the place for its lunch menu.

The lunch menu was quite simple, you can pick sushi rolls, bento boxes, or entrees like udon noodle soup or soba noodles.  We both opted for the bento boxes because they look like the best deal for your money.

bento box: spider roll & shrimp tempura, $11.99

She picked the spider roll and shrimp tempura bento box.  Spider roll is fried soft shell crab in sushi roll, you usually can't get away with paying less than $8 for this.  So this was a very good deal!

bento box: California roll & shrimp tempura, $8.99

I picked a popular combination, California roll and shrimp tempura.  This was descent as well, not a lot of surprises but it was pretty cheap for the amount of food I got.  I especially love the broccoli and carrots, they put a little sesame oil and Japanese soy sauce to give it just the right amount of flavor.  The shrimp tempura only came with one shrimp, but I enjoyed the vegetable and crab stick tempura anyhow.

Overall, Niwana Hana is good for business casual lunch on weekdays.  As far as other menu items, they look somewhat pricey.  I would probably still opt for Yuraku since it is more authentic than Niwana Hana on regular menu items.

FoodiePop's rating for lunch: 3.2/5

Niwana Hana
887 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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