Friday, November 18, 2011

Ziki Japanese Steakhouse, Gaithersburg MD

We haven't visited a Japanese tappenyaki for a while.  Even though our favorite tappenyaki place is Benihana in Bethesda, we decided to opt for something closer this past we ended up in Ziki Japanese steak house near Washintgonian center.

It was odd that we were the only tappenyaki customers during the entire lunch hour on a Saturday, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.  We were disappointed that they didn't have any specials for lunch, maybe that's why there were so few lunch customers?  He ordered the shrimp and steak tappenyaki combo and I ordered the chicken and steak combo.

Each entree came with salad and soup.  They were just okay, I was surprised that they didn't use traditional Japanese ginger dressing for the salad.  Indeed, they used ..thousand island dressing.  The soup was ordinary, maybe a little below average.


mushroom soup

I also ordered a bowl of fried rice for additional $3 because I love tappenyaki fried rice.  This one was just below average, Benihana makes much better tappenyaki fried rice.

tappenyaki fried rice

Then the show started!  We weren't really interested in the cooking show since we've seen it many many times.  But we tried to act interested, ...most of the time.  The chef was very professional and entertaining, even though we weren't paying close attention to him.

chef putting on a show

cooking main entree *droool*

The main entree portions were big.  I love the amount of veggies they cook with your meats, plus he made these tappenyaki fried noodles with our meals.  The noodles were delicious!  The steak was cooked to the order and he also put in some garlic with it.  What's not to love?

ta-da!!  My steak & chicken

complimentary tappenyaki noodles, yummy!

In a quick summary, we enjoyed our tappenyaki meals at Ziki.  It was a bit pricey but the food portions were big.  As far as the the overall quality, I still favor Benihana in Bethesda, but Ziki is a good alternative that's right around the corner.

FoodiePop's rating on Japanese tappenyaki: 3.7/5

Ziki Japanese Restaurant
10009 Fields Road

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