Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bob's Noodle 66 台菜 - Rockville MD

This Bob's noodle review has been long over-due.  If anybody asks me about Taiwanese cuisine in the area, Bob's noodle is no doubt on the top of the list.  I've eaten there so many times, but never once did I bring my camera with me until this past weekend.

They have awesome weekday lunch special deals where you get three dishes and a soup for about 20 dollars.  The portion is enough to feed 3 people so it's a great bargain. Unfortunately, the deal is only Mon-Fri like any other establishment, so on a Saturday for lunch, we ordered individual dishes.

I order the pork chop over rice.  This is undeniably the best Taiwanese fried pork chop over rice in the area.  It's a great deal too, for $6.95 you get a huge plate with sour cabbage and minced pork over rice, veggies, one marinated egg (my favorite), and TWO big pieces of Taiwanese fried pork chops!  This is definitely the five star of the pork chop over rice in MD hands down!  The portion was large for me, so I actually made two meals out of this, hey, that's $3.50 for a meal, not bad :)

He ordered the combination ho fan noodles.  This was good as well, not overly greasy like most of the other Chinese restaurants.  The portion was descent as well, we finished all of it! *burp*.

I am really not doing real justice to Bob's noodle since we didn't order the Taiwanese dim sum on this visit.  They make awesome oyster pan cakes, stinky tofu, chicken egg roll, and so many other dishes.  When we visit the place for Taiwanese dim sum again, I will definitely append to this review!  I did order a soup and marinated bean curd for appetizer on this visit.  They were both good as well.

sour cabbage and pig stomach soup - yum!

marinated bean curd

Bob's noodle has always been the best of the best in Taiwanese cuisine in MD.  There are many items I have yet tried from their new menu though, I need to go back more often!  One word of caution before you head down there, the only thing I don't like about the place is they don't take credit cards.  Who doesn't accept credit cards in this day and age?  Anyway, make sure you bring plenty of cash for the goodies.  Oh, and they also serve bubble tea as well!

FoodiePop's rating: 4.5/5

Bob's Noodle 66
305 N Washington St
Rockville, MD 20850


  1. Am I the only one who thinks it kind of smells inside the restaurant?

    A&J does not take credit cards either.

  2. uh, I dont notice it, I figured the place just smells like ..food?

    Ya, but bob noodles has more expensive dishes so I wish they would take card...they have dishes that are in the range of 12-15 per ...

    well if A&J would take credit card that would be nice too.