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Founding Farmers, Potomac MD

**** Updated based on 12/26 afternoon tea social experience ****

A couple of girls friends and I went to Founding Farmer's again for their attractive afternoon tea social menu.  This time, we were very happy with the food and the service!  Their afternoon social menu consists of various sandwiches including several vegetarian selections.  You can pick the type of tea from the six different kinds listed on the menu and also pick three tea sandwiches. The rest of the platter is a set menu (or whatever the pastry chef decided to include for the day).

I picked the chamomile with lavender.  The tea had beautiful aroma and the tea sets were clean and new.  There were not a lot of details on the tea set but I actually preferred the simpleness.

My Chamomile and lavender tea

I picked the chicken salad, pimento and thin green tomato, and deviled egg tea sandwiches for my selection.  They all tasted moist and fresh!  Instead of these tiny finger sandwiches most places serve, theirs is a bit bigger and in a round shape, but equally as good!  The platter also came with one freshly baked scone that's about the best I've had in a while.  There were two dipping sauces for the scone, one being the usual lemon tart, and the other was a blackberry/raspberry type sauce.  I loved them both.

There was also a caramel rice crispy treat that was delicious, a small red velvet cup cake sampler, one piece chocolate truffle, and two pieces of delicious dark chocolate farm animals.  I absolutely enjoyed everything on the platter!

Afternoon social platter

closer look at dark chocolate farm animals *drool*

The afternoon social cost $18 per person plus tip.  Our service was excellent this time, the waiter was friendly and attentive to our needs.  Filled up our water glasses and tea pots when empty.  Needless to say, we left a much better tip on this visit :)  I'd definitely come back for this delicious afternoon platter again in the near future!

FoodiePop's rating on afternoon tea social: 4/5

**** Original review based on 12/22 7pm dinner reservation ****

A girl friend of mine picked the newly opened 'Founding Farmers' in Potomac MD for a girls night out venue.  The place is new and hip, decorated gorgeously and with taste.  So I had high hopes going into the restaurant.  I made a 7:30pm reservation and we were seated about 10 minutes after, which was pretty good for a busy restaurant.

veggie rack at the lobby

beautiful revolving door

As soon as we were all seated, our waitress greeted us and gave us the daily special run-down.  We ordered our drinks and entrees and just started chatting away.  The food came in a reasonable time frame, I would say about 15-20 minutes.

My friend ordered the fried shrimp.  It came with some fries, corn bread, two types of dipping sauce and a Cole slaw type of vegetable side dish.  The fried shrimp looked a bit over-cooked to me but she loved the dish, so I'm going to give this dish an A based on her rating.

Fried shrimp platter

I ordered the slow braised beef short rib.  It was a bit pricey at $26 but I decided to give it a try after our neighboring table had it.  It was just mediocre, definitely not worth the price.  The beef short rib came with overly sweet honey glazed carrots and mashed potato.  The beef rib, even though taken apart easily, was a little dry inside.

slow braised beef short rib

The third girl ordered the Shrimp Louie Cobb salad which consists of romaine Hearts, Avocado, Mango, Potatoes, Louie Dressing.  The salad looked very pretty and tasted good according to her.

Shrimp Louie Cobb Salad

Another dish my friend ordered was the four cheese wild mushroom ravioli.  The dish didn't look too appetizing but she liked the flavor.  It was a bit sour but she loved the intense goat cheese flavor.

Four cheese wild mushroom ravioli

By this time, we were not entirely happy with the service.  Ever since the waitress delivered our entrees, she had been out of sight and had not checked back with us whatsoever.  They give these short little glasses for water and couple of us ran out of water for a while by now.  So we finally flagged her down and asked her if we could have some water.  She proceeded to bring the water pitcher for our table but did not fill the glasses.  Later on, we ran out of water again but she did not come back to refill the pitcher nor the glasses.  Our friend who ordered an ice tea was sitting with an empty glasses for half of the night without being offered a refill or another drink....

We were almost done with the meal so we decided to get the dessert we wanted and get out of the place.  We ordered the Uncle Buck’s beignets since it was recommended by my friend.  It came piping hot with raspberry, caramel, and chocolate dipping.  They were pretty good!  Of course they weren't as good as New Orleans Cafe Du Monde beignets, but they were different and very tasty anyhow.

Uncle Buck's beignets

The check for dinner came in these cute little mailboxes.  It was kind of cheesy but cute.  We quickly paid the bill and got out of there, I would say our rating probably reflected on the tip because I'd like her to know the service was definitely not great!

check in the mail

I understand the restaurant is still new and it needs time to work out all the kinks.  I've also read many reviews on yelp that complained about the service (or the lack-of-service).  Hopefully they will work out these issues and perfect the flavors a bit more.  I'm willing to give the place another try then!

FoodiePop's rating: 3.8/5 (adjusted based on both afternoon social and dinner experiences)

Founding Farmers
12505 Park Potomac Ave
Potomac, MD 20895

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