Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Lakeforst Mall Gaithersburg

My sister and I were planning on getting some food at food court in Lakeforest mall, but since I wanted some chicken wings, we ended up at Ruby Tuesday instead.  It was a good choice!

Ruby Tuesday is a good choice for lunch because you can add $2.99 to almost any meal and get unlimited salad bar.  I have to add though, their salad bar selection dwindled since the last time I visited.  But for $2.99 additional, I guess I can't complain much.

$2.99 additional for salad

After we placed our orders, waiter delivered the complimentary herbal biscuits, these were a bit sweet but nice and warm.  We even requested a refill for the toddler to munch on!

complimentary herbal biscuits

I had my heart set on buffalo wings, so buffalo wings I ordered.  These were descent, nothing extraordinary but they were good nonetheless.  The kid really enjoyed the celery sticks, hehe, but that's another story ...

buffalo wings

Sister ordered Parmesan chicken pasta.  She said it was good, mostly white sauce (Alfredo?) but came with marinara sauce on the side for the chicken.  It was a big plate so she ended up taking most of it home.  She got grilled squash as side item, they were freshly grilled and seasoned just right.  I had a couple of these...

Parmesan chicken pasta

side item: grilled squash

I really enjoyed our lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  We had good service, descent food, and everybody went home with a full tummy without breaking the bank.  I'd definitely come back again for another meal!

FoodiePop's rating for lunch: 4/5

Ruby Tuesday
701 Russell Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD

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