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X.O. Taste, Germantown MD

***** Updated 1/19/2012 *******

We visited XO taste again for their 'peking duck special' for $27.95.  The whole duck for 27.95 is a descent price plus you can have 鴨骨湯 duck bone soup for $8 additional.  So we ordered the duck feast plus a vegetable dish!

The Peking duck at XO is probably not your authentic Peking duck, it was plated beautifully and tasted good. But it was more similar to Cantonese style roast duck instead of authentic Peking duck where the skin is usually crispy and paper thin.  It was still delicious nonetheless and we 'almost' finished the duck by the two of us :)  The best Peking duck I've had in the area is still the duck from Peking Gourmet Inn 北京飯店 in Falls Church, if we visit the place again, I'll definitely post a review!

peking duck $27.95

This was the duck bone soup with vegetables and tofu.  It was tasty, but again, not very authentic.  If you're looking for authentic duck and soup, I still recommend Peking Gourmet Inn.

duck bone soup, $8 additional

our veggie dish for the night

****** Original post 12/5/11 ******

We've always loved the X.O. taste in Arlington, but it's about 40 mins away.  So when Germantown opened the second X.O. taste, we were ecstatic and wanted to try right away! (okay, just me being

I've already visited or gotten carry-out 3-4 times so far but always forgot to bring my camera.  Luckily one of my friend has a nice camera on the phone and sent me these pictures from our lunch, thanks!

X.O. taste is famous for their roast meat section, this one also made the grade.  I love all their 燒蠟 meats!  This is their roast duck, chicken, and BBQ pork platter for $18.  We shared and finished this in no time!

roast meats platter

We also ordered beef chow fan as well.  It was a safe descent dish.  It was not overly salty like some other Cantonese places would make, so I liked it.

beef chow fan - 干炒牛河

For the veggie dish, we ordered water spinach with fermented bean curd (?) 腐乳空心菜.  It was pretty good!  I've always like this veggie dish but the fermented bean curd gave it a nice twist plus a little spice.  I think I'll order this again!

water spinach with fermented bean curd 腐乳空心菜

My friend ordered the Yang Zhou Fried Rice 揚州炒飯.  This was good but my friend said he's had better in a Chinese restaurant in Rockville.  I'll have to give it a try when we're in Rockville next time!

Yang Zhou Fried Rice 揚州炒飯

The hubby ordered minced beef over rice.  It was not good at all so we didn't take a picture of it.  But if you want to order this dish, order at your own risk!  This is a picture of our crowded table for lunch...*drool*

lunch at XO!

We spent quit a lot for a 4 person lunch, totaling about > $80.  We also ended up taking a lot of food home though, so I wouldn't say the food is overly expensive.  I'd definitely come back again since it seems to be the best Cantonese restaurant in the area by far!  Nothing beats fresh roast pork and BBQ pork!  They also advertise Peking Duck for $27.95, I'll supplement another review if I get to try it next time :)

FoodiePop's rating: 4/5 for Cantonese restaurant

X.O. Taste
11540 Middlebrook Rd
Germantown, MD 20876

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