Wednesday, February 22, 2012

East Pearl, Rockville MD

We had a hard time deciding on what to eat for lunch on president's day, and finally decided to try Pho Nom Nom (opened where Bale used to be on 355).  When we got to the spot, we saw the new Cantonese restaurant opening sign on the same strip, so we changed our minds and figured we'd give it a try!

The restaurant just opened its doors on 2/15 Wednesday, so not many people know about it yet.  We arrived a little after 1pm and the restaurant seemed busy still.  We were greeted by nice waitresses and handed a couple of menus, including lunch special menu and a nice pot of pu-er tea (typical of Cantonese restaurants).

special noodles and rice menu

regular menu

roast meat display case on the left & bar on right

plate setting, Paris??

We wanted something quick and easy for lunch.  So we each ordered the Cantonese style noodles.  I ordered the wonton without noodles, and the hubby ordered the dumpling noodles.  Of course we can't settle for just two bowls of we also ordered the double roasted meat platter with roast pork and roast duck.  We were later informed they ran out of roast duck, so we got the soy roast chicken instead.

wonton soup, look at the size of these Wontons, $7.50

dumpling noodles, but they forgot the noodles, $7.50

double roast meat platter, $12.95

They made a mistake in the order and gave us dumpling in soup (sans noodles) instead of dumpling noodle soup.  But their lady manager quickly fixed it and gave us another big bowl of noodles with soup, so it was all good!  The wontons and dumplings were all excellent and portions were big.  The roast meats tasted fresh, definitely freshly made on the same day!  Hopefully they will keep the quality of the meats up and not use overnight leftover meats like ** some other restaurants (no names given here.....)

We liked the overall quality of lunch and the restaurant seemed new and clean.  The lady manager kept apologizing because they made a mistake in our order and their staff still needs training, but we were compensated nicely and we will definitely be back again to try the other dishes!

FoodiePop's rating: 4/5

East Pearl
838 B Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852


  1. My other friends said it's better than X.O, is it true?

  2. I think they're about the same? But the roast meats we had on the first visit was obviously more fresh than XO taste. I've been there twice now..