Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kushi, Washington DC

We had the early Valentine's dinner at Kushi on a Saturday night.  We both loved the place!  I made a reservation on open table so we were seated right away at the grill bar.  The grill bar is situated at the center of the restaurant and it's where all the action happens at the grill and the robata grill.  I love watching the chefs cook, it's almost like dining and entertaining all in one!

daily menu

view from grill bar

They have a paper daily menu with date printed on top.  From what I've observed from yelp reviews, they constantly adjust their menu for variety and to add something new.  We order some dishes from the get-go and kept ordering more when the plates emptied.  We ate for almost 2 hours by the time we were done!

This was the charamushi (steamed egg).  It was delicious, the egg cooked perfectly and had the right flavors. I believe it was around $4.50.

charamushi  蒸蛋

Grilled jumbo shrimp: it was A+ even though pricey.  $6.00 for 2 shrimps.  I'd order it again though.

grilled jumbo shrimp

Grilled pork belly.  Everybody raved about it on yelp, we thought it was good but not over-the-top like most claimed.  This was about $4 as well for one skewer.

Grilled squid body, LOVED it!  Grilled just right with a side salad garnish.  I finished everything on this plate.

grilled squid body

Grilled squash, the only dish we didn't like.  It had some unexpected texture, maybe it's not the America squash that we're used to?  Anyway, this is not on my list for next visit.  I'd probably order the grilled mushrooms instead since I saw a few other people ordering that.

grilled squash

Another mediocre dish.  The only reason I ordered it is because the girl chef in front of me kept preparing fresh batches of seaweed salad and it looked enticing...  This had a lot of vinegar dressing it it, so if you're not a big fan of vinegar, don't order it.

seaweed salad

This was the duck sausage. The flavor was actually really good, but ours came out luke warm.....  Maybe that chef on the robata grill needed to pay a little more attention.

duck sausage

Yes, I ordered a miso soup.  The descriptions look good, but this was just okay.  Just like any other Japanese restaurant.....$4 wasted, my fault...

Grilled chicken breast with wasabi.  Nothing special about the chicken, but the wasabi itself tasted fresh and had exploding great flavors.

grilled chicken with wasabi

Now onto the better items:  we absolutely loved the crispy dusk thigh.  It definitely made the top 3 items of our meal.  We observed the chef later on and found out this was first steamed, then fried, then put on the grill for the char.  Absolutely delicious and worth the $10 high price tag!

crispy duck thigh

We also ordered the miso marinated grilled halibut for $12.  It was yummy as well, the fish flaked easily but not over-cooked, with a hint of miso flavor.  We finished this in no time..

grilled halibut

We were actually pretty full at this point.  So we called it quits....time to look at the dessert menu!  This was their special dessert menu for the day.

dessert menu

Sea salt gelato??  That sounded like a must try!  Of course we ordered the sea salt gelato.  It looked ordinary but it had very interesting flavors.  Good thing they leave you the whole water bottle because even though it didn't taste very salty at the time, you'll be drinking a lot of water afterwards!  It tasted like sweet caramel with salt, so it was a good kind of sweet and salty!

sea salt gelato

We thoroughly enjoyed our Kushi experience.  The restaurant had the right vibe and the food was mostly excellent.  The service was prompt and courteous as well.  The center grill bar is where I would recommend if you're bringing a date or just hanging out with a friend.  It's not ideal for large groups but perfect for two.  The restaurant tends to be pricey though, all the little things add up (similar to tapa restaurants), if you don't watch your wallet or if you're really hungry, expect a large bill!

FoodiePop's rating: 4.7/5

465 K St NW
Washington, DC 20001


  1. That's a lot of food! I wonder how much was the tub. :P

    1. not bad at all since I had a 60 dollar living social certificate:)