Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe, Rockville MD

We've actually been to Mosaic cafe 2 times already, the food is always descent, but does not stand out when compared to other brunch venues.  But since IHOP and Original pancake house all had at least 30 min wait on a weekend morning, we've decided to support the local small business and brought ourselves to Mosaic cafe again.

From exterior

I like the interior decor, it's decorated with nice pictures and the lighting provided was warm and cozy.  I took this picture with some minor adjustments to show the interior decor.  It's one of those small places that makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the door.  The menu is clean and shows a good selection of menu items for brunch, with lunch menu on the back.

view of interior


I ordered a decaf Cafe Au Lait to start the morning.  Then we proceeded to order our brunch dishes.

my decaf Cafe Au Lait

I ordered the egg white omelet with sauteed vegetables.  It was pretty good, nothing too surprising here though, basically egg white omelet with some vegetables smeared with a bit of pesto sauce.  It came with a side of a half waffle.  The waffle was good, it had light and crispy crust on the outside and was soft in the center.  The best waffles I've had from  restaurants is still none other than Pocahontas Pancakes in Virginia beach though....

egg white omelet with vegetables

He ordered the traditional breakfast with couple strips of bacon, one piece of waffle, scrambled eggs, and a potato hash.  Again, nothing too surprising here, the scrambled eggs were delicious and fluffy though.  The potato hash made the grade too.

traditional breakfast

Overall, we enjoyed the brunch at Mosaic cafe.  Everything was descent and the restaurant had great ambiance.  Would we come back just for the food?  Probably not, but I'd come back to skip the 30 minute line at IHOP again.

FoodiePop's rating: 3.6/5

Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe
186 Halpine Road
Rockville, Maryland 20852

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