Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Panera Bread (revisited), Gaithersburg MD

I have been trying to eat a low carb diet, and since I love the Thai chopped chicken salad at Panera.  I visited Panera bread twice in the last week.

I usually end up getting the half and half deal, which consists of a half salad and a bowl of soup.  It's the perfect combination for a stomach warming meal in winter!

Thai chopped chicken salad

hearty chicken stew with scone on top

To stick with low carb diet, I picked an apple for the side item, I'm glad they had it listed as a choice!  Even though I love Panera baguettes, I had to opt for the low carb option.....

On the second visit of the week, I picked the salmon salad for a $1 more.  The salmon was a little fishy for my taste.  Thai chopped chicken salad still wins hands down!  I picked the vegetable tomato soup to go with the salmon, it was just okay as well.

salmon salad

vegetable tomato soup

I still love Panera and will always give the place high ratings.  My only gripe is, it's so hard to find seats during lunch hour!  Apparently everyone loves Panera as much as I do, on top of that, they provide free wi-fi so I'm guessing a lot of guests linger all day.  But, I'd definitely go back and fight through the crowd for their yummy lunch combos again!

FoodiePop's rating: 4.2/5

Panera Bread
285 Kentlands Boulevard
Gaithersburg MD 20878

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