Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ren's Ramen (revisited), Wheaton MD

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a few friends and us visited Ren's ramen again at their new location in Wheaton.  We've visited the spot once before and we both thought it was really salty the first time, plus parking was not easy for the location.  Since a friend of ours wanted some ramen, we came back again to give it another shot (yes the one who wanted ramen ended up not making the trip.....)

They had some daily specials that looked very enticing.  One was the Bakudan ramen which was extra spicy and the other was 'ga-tree miso ramen' which had extra bean sprouts and cabbage toppings.  We ordered both to try!

today's special menu

We also ordered 2 gyoza small plates.  They were actually really good!  The wrapping was thin and the meat abundant, even though it was pricey, I'd probably order it again.

gyoza $4.95

Then the ramen came!  This was the Bakudan ramen, it was more spicy than I thought but I loved it.  Their imported ramen noodles were good and chewy as always, broth a bit on the salty side but acceptable.

Bakudan ramen $11

This was the 'ga-tree miso ramen', it had extra cabbage and bean sprout toppings that shaped into a tree top. It was pretty good as well from what I heard.  Reminded me of pho toppings though with all the extra bean sprouts!

ga-tree miso ramen $12

This was a regular tonkotsu ramen, it was consistent with what we had before.  Still, everything was on the salty side, but nothing a glass of water can't fix afterwards (or maybe 2 or 3....).

large tonkotsu ramen $12

We thoroughly enjoyed the ramen experience on Sunday, the wait wasn't too bad.  We waited about 15 minutes after arriving around 1:15pm on a Sunday.  The only issue I have with the place is the 'cash-only' policy.  There are very few restaurants that don't accept credit card nowadays, especially when the prices are toward high-end such as $10 and above.  I really hope they can add a credit card machine so people don't need to be surprised and stranded with not enough cash...

FoodiePop's rating on ramen: 4/5

Ren's Ramen
11403 Amherst Ave
Wheaton, MD 20902

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