Monday, March 26, 2012

Season 52, North Bethesda MD

I've wanted to try Season 52 since it opened couple months ago since it's in a new development area and I'd like to see what the hype is about.  So on a misty Saturday night, the hubby and I drove down to Rockville for a late dinner date.  As soon as we walked in, we took immediate liking to the whole ambiance.  The interior decor of Season 52 grill is gorgeous, up-scale, yet cozy.  They have a lobby area with gas fire place while you're waiting, and their bar area is also beautifully furnished with ample open seating and a nice round bar in the middle.  On Saturday nights, they even have live piano performance where the piano is situated right in the center of the bar.  I was immediately attracted by the beautiful sound of the piano and singing, so luckily we found an open booth at the bar and we got to enjoy the dinner and the show for the whole night!

Front entrance

They have a fairly simple but healthy menu.  Most of the yelpers recommended flat bread for appetizer, so we proceeded to do so.  We ordered the steak and cremini flat bread with blue cheese.  The flat bread came fairly quickly, maybe within 8 minutes or so, it was thinner and crispier than I expected but I enjoyed the extra crunchiness.  If you're not a big fan of blue cheese though, you probably want to opt for another flavor.

season 52 menu

steak and cremini flat bread

We order two main entrees, the pork tenderloin and the BBQ chicken salad.  The pork tenderloin was descent, not the best we've had but was on-par.  On the plus side, the pork tenderloins were served with a herb polenta which  I enjoyed more than the usual boring mashed potato as a side, and the broccoli was fresh.  Nothing too special or memorable though.  My BBQ chicken salad was pretty good, the chicken was tender and full of flavor, and the sun flower seeds added the perfect crunch factor.  I finished the salad in no time.

pork tenderloin

BBQ chicken salad

Since I had a pretty healthy main course, I was ready to order dessert!  They have these mini desserts in cute shot glasses that are the perfect portion for someone who's health conscious and just want a bite.  Instead of a traditional dessert menu, they bring you the whole display of mini desserts and you pick whatever you like!  How good does this look?

mini shot glass desserts

I was being semi-good and "only" picked 3 of them.  Well, originally I was just going to get two for taste, but they all looked so good!  Whoever came up with this idea instead of a traditional menu must be a genius!  We picked the key lime pie, mango cheesecake, and mocha macchiato.  Key lime pie was actually my favorite, I did wish it was a little bit more tart for my liking though.  The other two were pretty good as well.

At the end of night, we probably spent about $50 for party of two, which is honestly pretty descent for such an upscale restaurant.  On top of that, we were thoroughly entertained and enjoyed the live piano performance throughout the whole night, it was a date night success with perfect ambiance and good food!

FoodiePop's rating: 4.2/5
(I added 0.3 for the live performance and ambiance, I can be such a girl sometimes :)

Season 52
11414 Rockville Pike
North Bethesda, MD 20852

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