Friday, August 2, 2013

Ford's Fish Shack, Ashburn VA

I'm BACK!!!!  I think it's time to revive this blog since little J is 16 months and he can start on the food adventure with us.  We've been to some nice places lately, but the one that sparked my pallets and interest was Ford's Fish Shack located in Ashburn Virginia.  I've been wanting to try out this place for a while, but given a toddler's schedule and the long drive, we never got around to it.  On a Sunday after church, I found out the place is only 20 minutes from church and we quickly hopped in the car (yes we strapped J to his car seat before hopping away) and came to Ford's Fish Shack!

Having abandoned this blog for a while, I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant and the decorations.  Can you blame me?  We had to chase little J around!  Nevertheless, the restaurant looked surprisingly elegant and I LOVED the blue theme throughout the restaurant.  The lovely hostess greeted us with a big smile and seated us right away in the corner by the window with the *fake* seaside view (good enough for me!)

We took a quick glance at the menu and decided on the following items: kids meal with fried shrimp and sweet potato fries, lobster bisque (soup of the day), fish and chips (a must as I'm told), and Connecticut style lobster roll.

Lobster bisque

Fish and chips (fries in this case)

Connecticut style lobster roll (and more fries!)

kids meal (meh.....)

So to sum up the meal, the lobster roll is probably my favorite in the DC area.  Luke's has the next descent one but being Asian, we like our food hot (or is it just me?) and the Connecticut style sauteed lobster meat WINS big time.  Fish and chips are A+, fresh cod fillet perfectly fried to golden brown.  Just a side note, make sure you substitute some side items  if you're sharing the meals, so you don't end up with a lot of fries to toss away, like us.  Neither J or us liked the kids meal though, the sweet potato fries were way too salty, and shrimps were a bit under cooked (kids obviously don't like semi-transparent shrimps).  I would suggest staying away from these if you can......  Oh, we didn't enjoy the lobster bisque much, way too much alcohol in the soup early in the morning.

Overall, service was A+, our waiter went out of his way to make us and J comfortable; food was a solid A, I think we definitely going to pay another visit when we're in the mood for good lobster rolls!

FoodiePop's rating: 4/5

Ford's Fish Shack
44260 Ice Rink Plz
Ste 101
Ashburn, VA 20147